About Us

Victor Technology is a premium Information Technology company providing world class IT solutions to customers across Eastern India, middle-east. Founded by a team of young, very experienced IIT and energetic engineering professionals from diverse backgrounds. Victor Technology is a team of passionate and highly skilled professionals, dedicated to deliver the best.

We do what we love, and believe in what we do!

We do just about everything on the web starting from simple jazzy website to full-fledged web applications, web portals, and intranet apps.

We also do the cool stuff of digital marketing & mobile apps and of course the evergreen custom software and database solutions.

We are a mix of highly skilled techno commercial resources of all experience-levels, throttled up to undertake and deliver IT solutions of any scale.

All-in-all we are energetic team of very dedicated developers & digital commandos, led by senior technical enthusiasts.


To create a global hub of cutting edge technologies


To create a world class IT solutions facility in Odisha, India to reverse the brain drain trend and take technology right in to the grass roots in India & overseas to transform lives.


  • Establishment of high quality software development centre
  • Deal with cutting edge machinery,equipments and hardware to offer cost effective sustainable solutions
  • Training and development of IT personnel
  • Research and development centre on applications technologies
  • Digitisation of schools for parents & teachers for realtime interactive communication

  • Our Team