Content Management System

The evolution of the web has allowed non-technical people to manage sites themselves using Content Management Systems (CMS). A CMS is any system that is tied to your web site to make it easier to manage the information on that web site.

CMS are extremely useful on web sites where the site content is maintained by more than one author, where maintenance is performed by non technical staff or where the content and graphics design are developed by different people or departments.

Victor Technology offers a wide variety of Content Management Systems which include Open Source Content Management Systems and Dynamic Content Management Systems.

As a premier firm providing Content Management Services we are experts in providing you the following services:-

Content Management Systems
Web based Content Management Systems for Web design & Website Development
Dynamic CMS based website
Open source CMS
PHP based content management solutions

Our Content Management System (CMS)

Designed in-house, Victor Technology Content Management System allows you to have complete control over your site. We'll initially design the site for you using the content and specifications you supply, but once it's finished we will give you full control to maintain your content and keep it up-to-date with current information.

Features of our CMS:

Page Editor

The Page Editor gives you the ability to edit the content on each of the pages of your website. You'll find the system very intuitive to use as its layout and tools mimic those found on word processor packages such as Microsoft Word. It also contains many more advance features for editing text on your website page like:

1. Adding a style to text
2. Find and Replace text functionality
3. Add/Remove hyperlink on text
4. View html code
5. Automatic insertion of date and time
6. Inserting new table in text
7. Insert/edit flash movie
8. Print text by printer

Image Editor

Our CMS handles image separately from text. Through RG InfoTech's CMS you can:
1. Edit an image
2. Delete an image.
3. Adding/Removing hyperlink to image

“Good Reasons to choose Victor Technology CMS

Why should you choose Victor Technology CMS? Here are just a few of the many benefits...

Feature rich and Powerful yet simple to use

When you choose Victor Technology CMS you are choosing a quality product; it is powerful and rich in features yet keeps simplicity of use which is surprising. Pages use a building block system that allows you to move elements around, change elements and import page fragments while still keeping structural integrity regardless of what you do with your pages.

No technical knowledge needed

Victor Technology CMS takes care of all of the technical issues, creating your site requires no technical knowledge you can define text colours, styles, links, edit images and just about anything else you can imagine with a couple of mouse clicks!

Victor Technology CMS is Platform independent

Victor Technology CMS is platform independent so it doesn't matter if you use Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh or Linux. We are constantly testing our software for compatibility on all supported platforms.

Supportive for Web promotions

Victor Technology CMS has been coded in such a way that it is very web promotional supportive.