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Software Services

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  • Victor Technology (VT) is Software Development Company. Victor’s Software solutions and services are focused on delivering end-to-end enterprise and e-business solutions : 

    Application Development

    Project Consultancy

    Web Development

    > E-Commerce Services

    Business Intelligence


    Market Research

    Application Development :

    Victor is involved in designing and developing application on client / server environment using latest S/W Engineering methodologies executing full Life Cycle of Project Development using various databases, languages and tools.

    :. Information Systems services : 

    Victor provides the complete spectrum of Information Systems services and support to meet our government and corporate customers’ needs. We have substantial networking/telecommunications and system/software engineering capability and experience, permitting us to offer total life-cycle information systems solutions. 

    :. Professional Services : 

    Victor’s professional services organization helps customers rapidly and cost-effectively deploys its solutions. Consisting highly skilled and dedicated systems consultants, the company’s professional services group enables businesses to maximize the return on their technology investment through its project management expertise, in-depth knowledge and technical skills.  

    Project Consultancy :

    At every phase of the project, Victor’s Software Development Process (CSP) provides detailed guidance for Project Management, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Engineering, Hazard Analysis, and Verification and Validation activities. During development, our Project Management Plans and periodic Status Reports provide visibility into each of the activities required for successful software development.

     We create a project plan defining the activities and milestones leading to the finished solution before the project even get started. We select suitable partners, coordinate partial projects and are responsible for the specification and implementation all the way to acceptance by the customer as well as subsequent system maintenance. In addition, Victor can offer the customer financing models such as BOT (Business Operation Transfer) or alternative solution approaches such as outsourcing.  

    :. Requirements Definition :

    Victor follows standard project lifecycle processes to produce a detailed plan of the hardware and software required to implement a system. This is done in consultation with the client that includes, defining the solutions needed to meet the client's business requirements, as well as an assessment of each client's testing and product training needs.

    :. Custom Development Where Required :

    As a software development company, Victor is committed to developing customized interfaces or aiding clients in developing these themselves. This includes making an extensively documented SDK available to clients as a component of the developer edition of Position.

    We give emphasis on:

    ·Simplicity and ease of use


    ·Time Saving

    ·Cost Cutting


    ·Continuous improvement


    ·Satisfaction guaranteed

    :. Implementation : 

    This includes the entire system integration along with the infrastructure setup, linking to existing systems and processes as well as training the staff on site – in short; everything directly required commissioning a solution. This phase in particular demands a high level of individual adaptability to the requirements of the customer and regional factors. Every task is embedded in its own specific environment.

    Web Development :

    As companies move from simply monitoring to proactively managing business performance,

    they need real-time visibility into market, customer and competitive conditions. This requires

    integration across IT systems and business processes in a cost-effective and flexible manner.

     Victor creates innovative and unique business models that maximizes Client’s profit by focusing on increasing the revenue and decreasing the costs. 

    Web services have the potential to dramatically improve collaboration between customers, suppliers, partners and employees by providing a dynamic and flexible way for individuals from different companies to be active participants in the decision making process. This collaboration goes far beyond simply sharing information through a Web browser

    Business Intelligence (BI) :

    Victor integrates data from key sources, summarizes it and reports it, analyzes it using best practices and makes information actionable. Whatever your industry, job role and day-to-day information needs, we can create the ideal information solution for you. Our services are wide-ranging in scope and flexible in content.

    By unlocking the power of information, Victor’s solutions enable companies and organizations to:

    • Improve revenue and profits by acquiring and retaining high value customers

    •  Reduce costs through more effective and responsive management

    • Automate compliance with regulatory reporting requirements

    • Improve customer loyalty through improved quality and superior service

    Forecasting :

    Being able to accurately forecast affects all aspects of your organization. Efficient production, marketing, and even financial management depend on the ability to develop forecasting models and systems that can dependably predict consumer demand, pipeline demand, changing consumer preferences, and industry trends.

    Market Research :

    VT has expertise in panel data covers syndicated and custom panels, diary and electronic panels, purchase and usage panels and collection or data management methods which integrate behavioral, usage and attitudinal data. VT analyzes new product introductions so that remedial action can be taken, if necessary, at an early stage of the launch.


HR Services

  • We have considerable expertise in the development of software applications. We can bring to bear a large 
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Quality Assurance

  • Victor’s team of expertise maintains an extensive quality policy
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Maintainance & Support

Victor offers all the maintenance and support, Hardware and Software, as per the Client needs.

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